Third Sunday at Eric and Chris'

Good Deeds, Punished

aka - Nothing is as it seems

On the 10th of Wealson, the party arrived in Veluna (of which, Verbobonc owes fealty). Knowing their charge, they headed straight to the Temple of Cuthbert, where the priests quickly begin to triage Kendalk. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, the priests asked that the party return the next day for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

With Kendalk in good hands, the party sold off their extra gems, ate some stew, and made their way to the academy of Magic and Alchemy in hopes of identifying the strange egg that they had found in the care of the Owlbear.  Once there, Kree, always on the hunt for new knowledge and capability, purchased a Scroll of Comprehend Languages and a Scroll of Speaks with Animals, while Einarr sought expertise in natural magiks. An ancient, decrepit elf named Velmuss Tanavidal was presented and settled into a large armchair. "This not an Owlbear egg, wrong color and sound, it appears to be a Sapphire Dragon egg. Older than me, most likely, and no, I don't know how to hatch it, you'll need to consult a Sapphire Dragon for that, but that may be difficult given that they haven't been seen since their range of the South, centuries ago. This egg is incredibly rare, and expensive, you would be wise not to share its existence with others. Speaking of, can we keep it overnight for observation? We would like to record its details so there's a record of such an oddity."

The group agreed to leaving the egg for the night, but requested some rooms within the university. Velmuss quizzed each member of the party on Arcana, it's theory, and practice. Kefrey and Einarr, the only companions with correct answers, were offered room and board. Kefrey decided to come back later that night, while Einarr made the most of his time and met a Master of Alchemy who regaled him with valuable knowledge on the Hammer of Truth and various smithing techniques. 

The party found the The Silver Goldsmith Inn where they picked up some rooms. Trastor paid for some strange, and Aelef made back the cost of the Inn and more with his riveting kazoo performance. Alina watched the antics, amused, as Kefrey slipped out of the Inn. Kree, concerned and curious about her departure followed quietly. Kefrey, followed her instincts and easily found a gambling den where the rich and poor may rub elbows, and sometimes daggers. She quickly began to win at dice, but was truly watching the patrons for opportunity or curiosities. Kree, still unsure of her intentions made his presence known to her, but hung back unengaged. A rich, drunk and Dandy man entered the Den, stumbled to the roulette table and shrugged off requests by his female companion to leave the establishment. Kefrey observed 4 roguish characters scoping the Dandy man, and when one left, she became suspicious. Having lost a round of roulette, the Dandy man caved to his friend's request, and they left, followed by the remaining shadows.

Kefrey and Kree exited the Inn, but didn't see where the Dandy or his pursuers had gone. After splitting up and checking the local streets, Kefrey saw pushing and shoving down an alley and moved to assist, drawing the attention of the two attackers, the Dandy, and his companion. Kefrey told the noble to hand over his coin and spare himself. Undetected, one for pursuers stepped out of the shadows and hit Kefrey over the head with a morningstar, who in turn buried her rapier in his side and attempted to flee. The Dandy stood, unmolested, and cast Hold Person on Kefrey, successfully halting her departure and revealing the true intentions of the group. Kree, having found Kefrey as she was struck, attempted to overwhelm the mind of the Dandy attacker, but failed. The Dandy's companion pulled a bag over Kefrey's head, but in doing so, her amulet swung free showing the holy symbol of Iuz. Faced with the decision to engage the 6 cultists, and knowing his death would not save Kefrey, Kree ducked into an alley, transformed himself into a crone and fled back to the Inn to bring the full strength of the party to bear. 

With Trastor balls deep in hog, Aelef, Rardem, and Alina followed Kree to the scene of the crime, but Kefrey was not to be found. Rardem was able to ascertain that they were headed north, but little else. Knowing that the Priests of Cuthbert would want to know of a cultist insurrection, the Party made their way to the Temple and banged on the doors. Aelef managed to awake the Priest on call with his cymbals, and Kree convinced the Priest and his leadership of the seriousness of the matter. Senior leaders of the Temple welcomed them inside with news of their own. They believed they could remove the planar creature attached to Kendalk with a ritual, but it will require water from the Dulsi, a river on the western border of Iuz, that intersects several planes of existence. A quart would suffice, but the journey could take a month or two. To track Kefrey, the Priests asked for some of her equipment. The party decided to get some quick rest at the Inn, gather Trastor, Einarr, and the equipment and return to the Temple at the crack of dawn. 

The next morning (11 Wealsun), the Priests cast an enchantment on Kefrey's bow which would vibrate whenever it was pointing in her direction. Kree, the navigator, picked up the bow and spun. As luck would have it, her direction was close to the path needed to reach the Dulsi. With the direction set, the party made haste to Chendle and arrived on the 23rd of Wealsun, and then headed to North to Crockport by the 25th of Wealsun. Standing at the edge of the Whyestil lake, the bow pointed straight across a military blockade. Concerned that they would not be able to pursue on water, the party headed North along the Lake edge. 

After the first day of travel, Einarr, the vigilant,  heard yelping and knew immediately Gnolls were barring down on them. An arrow from the forest edge struck Aelef, and Rardem and Kree answered with their own ranged attacks. Aelef put two of the gnolls to sleep with a lullaby, while a Gnoll speared Alina. Trastor cut his head off. Rardem and Kree struck down another Gnoll, and Aelef exploded the head of the remaining Gnoll with a minor chord, followed by an epic cape twirl. 

As they searched for a place to camp, Kree saw a fire north of the party in a stand of trees. As they approached quietly, they saw 6 goblins… not fucking. On 3, Aelef played three of them to sleep, Kree decimated one with an Eldritch Blast, and Einarr lit one up with a Guiding bolt. With one Goblin tied to the tree, and Trastor decimating the sleeping goblins, Kree interrogated the survivor with promises of a clean death. The Goblins were from the Tribe of The Severed Ear, one of the largest affiliations and number in the thousands. They are associated with the Horned Society, and ranged outside their territory to find and kill elves known to these parts.



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